Post Docs:

Graduate Students:

  • Allison Hill (formerly Dougherty) (2015-2016): Current Position:  Actuary
  • Yinglin Li
  • Dan Chester (2015-2020): Current Position: Product Development Engineer at Baebies
  • Seema Nandi (2015-2020): Current Position: CEO Selsym Inc.
  • Emily Mihalko (2016-2021): Current Position: Research Scientist at the Trauma and Transfusion Medicine Research Center of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
  • Kimberly Nellenbach (2016-2021): Current Position: Director of Translational Clinical Development
  • Eunice Chee (2017-2022): Current Position: Post-doc at Georgia Tech affiliated with Garcia Lab for Cellular and Biomaterials Engineering
  • Nina Moiseiwitsch (2020-2023): Current Position: MD-PhD Student at UNC-Chapel Hill

Post-Baccalaureate Students:

  • Kristen Froehlich: Current Position:  Bioengineering PhD Student at UCLA

Undergraduate Students:

  • Francis Kim (2018-2019)
  • Devjot Singh (2018): Current Position: Engineering Management Consultant at Devisio Engineering
  • Veronica Lee (2017-2019): Current Position: Consultant at Accenture
  • Alex Kyu (2017-2018): Current Position: Software Engineer at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Colleen Roosa (2016-2019): PhD Student at UVA
  • Jeremy Nortey (2016-2019): Ophthalmology Resident at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine
  • Rahul  Kathard (2016-2019): Emergency Medicine Resident in Philadelphia
  • Supriya Sivadanam (2016-2019)
  • Mario Castaneda (2016-2019): Current Position: Engineer at Seqirus
  • Ben Igo (2016-2017): Current Position: Computational Analyst at Corvid Technologies
  • Shelby Funderburk (2016-2018): Current Position: R&D Engineer at Teleflex
  • Amber Hochstetler (2016-2018): Current Position: R&D Engineer at Cook Medical
  • Chinmaya Joisa (2016-2018): Current Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate at UNC Chapel Hill
  • Jessica Basso (2016-2018) Current Position: Scientist at Insmed Incorporated
  • Daniel Andrade (2017) Current Position: Development and Sustaining Engineer at Medline
  • Sydney Florenzia (2017) Current Position: PhD Student at University of Washington and Intern at John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
  • Brandon Regnerus (2015-2016):  Current Position: Associate Consultant at Clarkston Consulting
  • Sachi Ogan (Summer 2016):  Undergraduate Chemistry/Material Science Engineering at UCLA
  • Kate Lowrey (Summer 2016):  Current Position: Emergency Medicine Pharmacy Resident at Indiana University Health
  • Megan Sandry (2018 – 2019): Current Position: Staff Engineer at Apro Resources
  • Paul Wagner: Current Position: LG Team Member Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist
  • Landon Morrill: Current Position: Quality Engineer at Teleflex
  • Courtney Odea: Current Position: Gymnastics Coach at Intensity Gymnastics
  • Mary Erb (2018-2021): Current Position: Software Engineer at Medtronic
  • Sahana Prakash : Current Position: Master’s Student at NC State University
  • Nicole Zwennes (2020-2023)