My name is Aryssa Simpson, and I am a fourth year PhD student in the Advanced Wound Healing Lab. Born and raised in Tampa FL, I graduated from the University of South Florida with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. During my undergraduate career, I was accepted for the Baylor College of Medicine SMART program, where I had the privilege of working with Texas Children’s Hospital Pati Lab and University of Houston’s Gilbertson Lab. My research focused on synthesizing two derivatives of stagX2, and analyzing the efficacy of inhibiting Ewing Sarcoma growth. Currently, my research focuses on developing a more defined cardiac environment for analyzing cellular response using novel viscoelastic microgel thin films. I also collaborate with the LaBean Lab at NC State, working with DNA Origami and anti-coagulant RNA projects. In my spare time, I’m a beginner photographer, an avid movie buff (specifically documentaries), and intermediate weight lifter (aka I love weight training).